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Big data, machine learning, AI to shape job market in 2018

50,000 open data analytics jobs currently expected to double to 100,000 in 2018 CHENNAI, DECEMBER 31:  The year 2018 will see a sharp increase in demand for professionals with skills in emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, even as people with capabilities in Big Data and Analytics will

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Good Data is the Foundation for AI Innovation

AI and Machine Learning were two of 2017’s hottest technological buzzwords. It’s not difficult to understand why: the potential benefits of these technologies are exciting and profound. But artificial intelligence and machine learning both rely on other foundational technologies in order to achieve the results that they promise. Consequently, innovation

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Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics & 5 Things You Should Know About Industry 4.0

New technologies are transforming industry—and you need to know about it Big data, artificial intelligence (AI), Industry 4.0—these terms are thrown around by technologists today, conjuring dystopian images of dark silos of personal data on file, endless automation, and robots running our factories. But what is Industry 4.0? Why is it important?

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