Honeywell to Offer Big Data Analytics Software and Cloud Storage

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) plant users and designers should take note of Honeywell’s new Connected Plant Uniformance Cloud Historian.

This new software as a service isn’t your average data lake. This tool will run data analytics and connect information from third-party sources into one location.

This may not sound like revolutionary software, as other analytics-based IoT/IIoT/Industry 4.0 big data software already exists.

However, given Honeywell’s strategic position in industry, we can expect to see this tool become an instant IoT/IIoT/Industry 4.0 asset.

“Uniformance Cloud Historian brings the full power of cloud and big data to Honeywell’s traditional Process Historian for the first time, connecting even the most complex multisite organizations effortlessly,” said Vimal Kapur, president of Honeywell Process Solutions. “The solution makes it possible to leverage insights found at one plant across all plants, allowing smarter, more strategic decisions to be made and action to be taken.”

Honeywell reports that using its Uniformance Cloud Historian for big data analytics can translate into various plant improvements, from increased throughput, to reduced downtime and predictive maintenance. Users can review historical time-stamped data, almost instantly. This data can then be crunched to uncover quirks about a production system after a few hours of analysis.

Another feather in Honeywell’s cap is its ability to work with an organization’s existing tools. This should reduce the time needed to implement an IIoT system. The Historian is also compatible with Honeywell’s Sentience IoT platform.

According to’s IIoT survey, one of the biggest factors affecting IoT software choice is how much the user trusts the vendor. Needless to say, given the market space of Honeywell, the company has gained a considerable amount of trust within the industry.

“ARC believes that a secure cloud provides an ideal environment for applications such as historians,” said Janice Abel, principal analyst, ARC Advisory Group. “With the Uniformance Cloud Historian, Honeywell is not just hosting historians on-site, but is enabling users with new edge, cloud and data lake technologies for process, asset and business data. The Historian should make it quicker and easier for users in industrial plants to access, analyze and leverage data to improve both plant and enterprise performance.  It should also help reduce the considerable costs typically associated with hosting resource-intensive applications with cloud and data lake technologies.”

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