Shaun Bierweiler: Hortonworks to Back 2020 Census With Data Processing Tools

Shaun Bierweiler, vice president of U.S. public sector at Hortonworks, has said the company will work to provide several data technology platforms for the U.S. Census Bureauin support of the 2020 Census project under a contract awarded in 2017.

Bierweiler told Datanami in an interview published Tuesday that the software company will offer its Hortonworks Data PlatformHortonworks Data Flow and Hadoop distribution tool to help the agency gather and store data as well as derive “actionable intelligence” from raw data.

“When you think about the approximately 326 million Americans that the Census Bureau is going to collect and store data on, you need a data platform that’s going to not just perform, but really operate at that industrial scale,” he said.

HDP will work to help the agency establish the primary data lake designed to store census-related information that includes structured and unstructured data.

“Once you have a foundation that supports [marrying structured and unstructured data], really the opportunities are endless,” Bierweiler said.

“They have the flexibility of no longer being confined to name, address, and Zip code.”

The Census Bureau is expected to use Hadoop to perform data processing functions and HDF to help facilitate the flow of data from fieldworkers into the Census Data Lake.