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Dresner Advisory Services Publishes 2017 Big Data Analytics Market Study

NASHUA, N.H., Dec. 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dresner Advisory Services today published the 2017 Big Data Analytics Market Study, part of the Wisdom of Crowds® series of research. The 3rd annual report examines end-user trends and intentions surrounding big data analytics, defined as systems that enable end-user access to and analysis of data contained and managed […]

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Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics & 5 Things You Should Know About Industry 4.0

New technologies are transforming industry—and you need to know about it Big data, artificial intelligence (AI), Industry 4.0—these terms are thrown around by technologists today, conjuring dystopian images of dark silos of personal data on file, endless automation, and robots running our factories. But what is Industry 4.0? Why is it important? Will Industry 4.0 […]

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